How To Teach Your Dog The Go Lie Down Command

What is and how do you teach your dog the go lie down command?

The go lie down command is quite frequently used by dog owners. We all need some time-out from our dogs at some point or another.

Go Lie Down Command Dog Training

What is the Go Lie Down command?

The “go lie down” command tells your dog exactly that – go to the place I am indicating and lie down. It is different from the down command.

There are many circumstances when it is necessary for your dog to lie down quietly in a particular spot! It could be for your dog’s own safety or for your peace of mind. A few examples, you’re having a conversation over the phone, drinking hot coffee or doing something dangerous.

There’s no need to feel guilty! You simply cannot give your dog attention every single time they desire it! No one would ever get anything done!

There are also many circumstances where the go lie down command benefits your dog. For example, after a walk, a meal, an exercise, or a training or play session. Dogs don’t always know when they have had enough, but responsible dog owners do.

How To Teach Your Dog the Go Lie Down Command

Here’s how to train your dog the go lie down command:

  1. First, put your dog on a leash.
  2. Point to a corner or a particular area of the room you are in and say, “go lie down.” Keep your voice tone firm, but even and pleasant.
  3. Next, walk briskly or run with your dog to the place you have indicated while repeating “go lie down” followed by “good dog” and a final “down” as you pat the floor in the appropriate place.
  4. Next, pet your dog on the head and return to the room and sit down. When your dog has remained for a minute or so, say “ok, good dog.”
  5. Repeat the exercise two to three times, varying the time your dog stays in position.
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Remember that repetition is the key to dog training. Repeat the exercise about three times each day. Move around from room to room, so that your dog understands what to do no matter where you are.

What To Do When Your Dog Lies Down at Your Feet

This may happen frequently when you are starting out. You say “go lie down” and your dog lies at your feet!

Sometimes this is a genuine mistake, but not always. Dogs are cunning and love to be as close to their owners as often as possible. It may be your dog’s compromise, which at the end of the day, is a form of defiance. You need to correct this behavior immediately, no matter how endearing it seems.

Calmly say, “no. go lie down,” while taking your dog by his collar to the correct spot, if necessary.

Adding Additional “Go To” Commands

You can use the same procedure to add more “go to” commands.

“Go to your bed” or “go to place” can be used to communicate to your dog to lie down in a particular place.

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