Minimum Requirements To Register a Dog As a Service Animal

The best well-known service animal these days is the dog. Besides dogs, you might find monkeys, snakes, birds, or small horses as service animals. Service animals accompany their owners everywhere, even to those places where animal entry is prohibited, such as cinema, theaters, shops, museums, and libraries. They help a person with disability to live a better life.

Why Do You Need a Service Animal?

They are known as service dogs because they can do a lot of things to help their owners. There are many tasks they can accomplish. What can service animals do?

Service dogs can help people with visual disabilities, mental illness, hearing impairments, seizures, autism, diabetes and others. The most common dog breeds for service dogs are German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers.

Service dogs are trained in special schools for quite a long period of time. They must know what they are expected to do, and that’s why, their training is not a joke.

Assistance dogs can come to the rescue of disabled humans and save lives.

Service dogs usually work with their owner for eight to ten years and share a deep bond with each other.

You might wonder if your pooch can be good as a service dog. There are some minimum standards that a dog should accomplish.

  • Your dog must be very sociable. He will be exposed to different circumstances and his behavior will be followed closely.
  • If he reacts as he is expected to, he will have to prove that he is able to obey early obedience training.
  • Your dog must have a good medical evaluation record that should specify that he has no physical problems that might encumber him to help you with your disability.
  • A service dog has to be neutered.
  • If your dog clears these first steps, he will start a specific training to fit your special needs.
  • Your dog must understand some basic commands every dog should know.
  • A service dog should not jump on strangers, bark, or bite others or show any form of aggression.
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If your dog fits within these parameters, he might be just good to become a service dog – the most faithful and helpful friend of yours. Just take him to a training school, and they will know what is to be done further.


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