How To Make a Dog Ear Cleaner Product With Household Items

It can happen to any dog to have ear issues. No matter if your dog has itchy ears, goopy ears, if they are smelly or stinks, or if they develop ear infections regularly, the first thing you must do is to clean them.

You can find a large offer of dog ear cleaner in the shops. But you must know that many of them contain preservatives and chemicals, and many of them can cause more harm than good. Some of these products contain alcohol, and it can really hurt a tender ear. Be attentive when you buy them. Companies are mostly interested in their earnings than your dog’s health.

What can you do now that you found out that not every single dog ear cleaner from the shops can be good for your dog. Does it worth the risk to try several of them and see which one doesn’t cause harm to your dog? If you want my opinion, I think it’s not worthy. But you still have to clean your dog’s ears. How? It’s as simple as that: use a homemade dog ear cleaner.

You don’t know how to make them, or what you should do? Don’t worry! I’ll give you the perfect advices.

A well-known dog ear cleaner you can use is the vinegar mixture. Put 50/50 lukewarm water and vinegar into a bowl. You don’t have to make too much of it. A few tablespoon of each would be enough. Mix them and than use cotton ball to clean the outer ear. For smaller dogs like Chihuahuas you can use cotton swabs to work easier.

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You can also use a piece of gauze around your pointer finger to clean your dog’s ear.  The gauze shouldn’t be too wet. You need to clean as gently as you can your dog’s inner and outer ear.


Another solution for your dog’s ear cleaner can be the mixture made of purified water and apple cider vinegar. You have to add equal parts of each of them. It is known as natural healer and germ killer since old times. It is a very good solution and you can use it weekly to clean your dog’s ears.

The tea tree oil is used in so many places! You can make it with 1 tablespoon of grape seed oil or olive oil and 1-2 drops of tea tree oil. It has the power to kill almost any bacteria, infection or fungus. Use it and you will see how much it helps!

Your dog’s ears are very sensitive, tender and delicate. Pay attention to what you use to clean them. Don’t use chemicals at all. They can harm the ears and this is very painful for your dog. Also take care not to use too hot or too cold solutions.

If you are a real dog lover, everything that concerns your dog should be very important for you. You can’t focus just on the food or the training and neglect his other needs. Study about every detail of your dog’s life so that you know what he needs for a happy healthy life. And once you know them, take action!

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