How to Deal With Dog Odor The Proper Way

If you are a dog owner, you know it all about dog odor. Does the smell of your dog keep you from getting close to him? Does the thought of disowning your furry companion reflect on your mind because he smells bad? Bad breath, poorly maintained fur, flatulence, and poop smell are different forms of dog odor.

How To Remove Dog Smell

  1. Find the cause of your dog odor. Sometimes causes are obvious, you just have to do something about them. Of course, if your dog did not have a bath for the last few weeks, you shouldn’t wonder much about his odor. Just give him a bath, and you will not have to deal with the problem. For example, if your pet is a clean and well-entertained dog but has a bad breath, it means that he has a medical problem. Immediately take him to the vet, and he will find the causes and give a solution to the same. Some of the causes of bad breath are kidney disease, liver troubles, diabetes or bad teeth. If after a good bath, your dog’s fur still smells very bad, it might be a serious cause, including Cheyletiella or seborrhea, and your pooch needs medical help.
  2. Do not use sprays and other chemicals to hide the smell. They are going to make things worse. They just hide the odor, without removing it, and the things you will use to hide the odor might not be safe at all for your dog.
  3. Choose the right shampoo that can eliminate dog odor, vet your dog, start shampooing your dog from his head to tail, and avoid your dog ears and eyes. When you are done, let your dog shake the water and use a towel or dryer to dry him well with a towel.
  4. One of the most common causes of dog odor is a bad diet. The bad smell may be from the unhealthy food your dog eats every day. If this is the case, change your dog’s food as soon as possible to a healthier one. The most frequent ingredients that may cause odors are soy and lactose. If you give your dog something to chew on at the mealtime, this will help clean his teeth.
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One way to prevent the odor of your dog is to take him to a walk, play with him, or exercise to reduce flatulence. It is important to keep your dog’s bed clean and fresh all the time. Respect these few rules, and you can avoid bad odors in your house, car, and wherever your dog may go.

Have you ever had to deal with bad dog odor? What did you do about it?

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