How To Choose The Proper German Shepherd Food

Irrespective of your dog’s breed, the food he eats must meet his nutritional requirements. So feeding your pooch properly has many advantages for both of you. Which are these advantages? To start with, you must know that a proper diet will ensure a happy, long, and healthy life to your dog and make him look better. Additionally, it would save both of you from frequent trips to the vet.

Let’s talk about the German Shepherd and his nutritional needs. If you choose to bring home a German Shepherd, you would want to ensure that he gets everything he needs. When you cater to all of the needs of your furry friend, living together will be enjoyable for both of you.

Proper German Shepherd Food

It is important to set up a well-established feeding schedule for your dog. A German Shepherd puppy needs three to four meals a day. When he turns into a 3-6-month-old pooch, he needs three meals a day. After six months, two meals a day should meet your German Shepherd food and nutritional requirements. It is important to follow the same feeding schedule for your German Shepherd.

Keep an eye on your furry friend’s nutritional requirement and food intake.

Don’t let the food stay in the bowl for the whole day. You must know how much your dog has eaten and whether he has any health problems.

In order to meet your German Shepherd’s food needs, you must know about the basic ingredients he needs every day to stay healthy.

A German Shepherd food diet must be rich in proteins – making up at least 14% of your dog’s food. Fish and meat products are rich in protein.

Some dog food producers substitute healthy ingredients with unhealthy stuff, which is less expensive than meat.

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Fat: Important Element in German Shepherd Food

Why is fat important for a German Shepherd? First, it gives a great taste, but it also helps in the assimilation of vitamins and is rich in calories. This is very important as your dog needs a lot of energy. The percent of fat in the daily diet of your German Shepherd should be at least 8%.

There are three types of German Shepherd food you can try.

  • The least expensive and most popular type is the dry food. It is very good for all ages, but your dog might not like it because there is a risk of mouth injury when your pooch chews it. If you still want to use dry food, add semi-moist or wet food to make it tastier. He will probably eat it this way.
  • Another choice you can make is the wet dog food, which contains a lot of water, that’s why you should feed your dog larger portions to satisfy his nutritional needs. This might be very expensive for you.

One more choice you can make is the semi-moist dog food, but this one isn’t good either because it is often loaded with added sugar. It is a good idea to use it as a treat from time to time.

You have many choices to make with regard to your dog. Remember, when you choose the food for your dog, you are taking a step toward helping him live a healthy and happy life. Are these good enough reasons for you to be cautious?

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