How To Choose The Perfect Dog Name?

What is a perfect dog name? How to choose a suitable name for your pet? These questions naturally come to your mind as soon as you make a decision to bring home a dog. Selecting a name for your dog requires a bit of homework. It must be in consonance with his personality, physical stature, and job and earn him an affectionate and friendly impression.

Find a perfect dog name

A perfect dog name is the one that truly reflects your pet’s personal and professional qualities. Dogs are often judged by their names. You should make sure that your pet’s name must not be a letdown for him. The name should you select must not leave any room for regret, as the pet name is also an indication of the taste and preferences of an owner.

A Perfect Dog Name Must Befit Size and Physique

The dog name you selected for your companion indicates the way you look at your dog and highlights your relationship with him. Some names inevitably attract the attention of people and create an instant feeling in their minds. The name makes them develop a positive or a negative thinking about your dog and your connections to him.

You should also name your dog according to what kind of dog he is. For example, if you have Chihuahua, you simply cannot name him “Hunter,” as such a name does not fit to his size and attitude. These dogs are also not hunters and they need a name that looks more loving, not fearsome.

So, it means that you have to name your dog according to standard criteria. The size of the dog is one of them. The breed of a dog is also very important because the name “Fluffy” does not fit any dog breed. It sounds pretty strange when you give this name to your Boxer. The name suits more to a Poodle or a Yorkie.

Professional Profile Too Defines the Perfect Dog Name

Another very important thing to consider while choosing a name for your dog is his professional profile. It matters a lot if he is a pet, a search and rescue dog, a therapy dog, a service dog, or a show dog. Select a name that must denote the task the dog is expert to perform. A rescue dog cannot be named “Hunter.” Similarly, you cannot call a show dog “Scrappy.”

Building A Relationship With A New Puppy

Choose a name that offers your dog the proper image. It does not matter if a dog name is popular or not, what is really important is that the name perfectly represents your dog.

A Perfect Dog Name Leaves No Room for Confusion

Another important thing to pay attention is that the name of your dog shouldn’t be similar to some commands that you might use in your dog’s training or while playing. The name must sound different from other words your dog is familiar with. It ensures that he can understand the difference between his name and the other words you are using frequently and follow it without any confusion.

A Perfect Dog Name Needs Homework

Once you select a name for your dog, he is going to have it for the lifetime. So, be cautious while choosing the name of your pet. You need to think well before zeroing on a name so that there is no room to feel sorry later on. Make sure all in your family accept the name without any hesitation. It is next to impossible to change the name of your pet once he grows up.

Also, make sure the name you selected has a meaning that befits the one or more qualities in the dog. The name must tell how your dog really is, not what you want him to be. The origin of the name is also important for you. Make a list of dog names and finalize only when you are sure that the name is perfect for your dog and others will love it.

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