How To Choose The Perfect Dog Name?

A dog name is as important as a human name. Do you judge a person by his name? Let’s admit it, sometimes we do. That’s why you have to know that your dog will be judged according to the name he wears, but you will be judged as well because people know that in most of the cases is the owner who chooses the dog’s name.

The dog name you decide to use for your companion can reveal the way you look to your dog and your relationship with him. Some names will inevitably work in people’s mind and make them form a positive or a negative thinking about your dog and your connections to him. You must know that you have to name your dog according to what kind of dog he is. For example you can’t name your Chihuahua Hunter because it simply doesn’t fit to his size and aptitudes. So, it means that you have to name your dog according to some criteria. The size of the dog is one of them. The breed of a dog is also very important because the name Fluffy for example doesn’t fit any dog breed. It sounds pretty strange to call your Boxer, for example, like that.

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Another very important thing when we talk about choosing a name for a dog is the function of the dog. It matters a lot if he or she is a pet, a search and rescue dog, a therapy dog, a service dog and others. it is very important to choose the name that offers your dog the proper image. It’s not very important if a dog name is popular or not, what’s really important is to represent your dog.

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One very important thing that you must take into account when choosing the name of your dog is that it shouldn’t be similar or almost similar to some commands that you might use in your dog’s training or in other situations. The name has to sound different from all the familiar words for your dog so that he can make the difference between his name and the other words you are using frequently.

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The choice you make when you decide upon a dog name is for your dog’s lifetime. That’s why I advise you to think well before making a choice so that you won’t be sorry later. If there are some other members in your family you have to choose together the name. And all of you must agree with that name, otherwise after a while you can hear reproves like: “I told you the other one would have been more expressive!” this is a choice you have to make with your entire family.

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When you choose a name for your dog it is extremely important to know it’s meaning, because it has to say a lot about how your dog really is, not what you want him to be. The origin of the name could also be important for you. Check a lot of name lists and decide only when you are sure that you will love this names in the next few years too.

Is There Such a Thing As The Perfect Dog?

What’s your dog’s name and what does it mean? Was it hard to take the decision?

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