How To Become The Pack Leader In Dog Training

Unless you don the mantle of the pack leader, you may not be assured of your dog’s obedience and commitment during the training. Once you establish your position as the pack leader in dog training, it is natural for your pet to follow you and this makes the whole training process much easier. Your pet will “look up” to you and take you seriously and sincerely.

Become The Pack Leader in Dog Training

Remember, there is no need to the alpha. You may become a charming and friendly pack leader. It is all about respect, not coercion or dominance by fear. Some people believe that to establish their authority, they need to intimidate their dog. This is not true and it may backfire.

All that is actually required is that you should position yourself as the pack leader in dog training. Start it with the “down” and “sit” commands. Practice it with your dog every other day, at least three times weekly, and your pet is sure to accept you as the leader of the pack quickly and effectively.

Be The Pack Leader in Dog Training: Practice The “Down” Command

The first week of puppy training should be about teaching your dog the “down” command.

  • Begin by sitting on the side of your dog.
  • Next, gently lift up both paws and help your pet into the down position while repeating the word “down.”
  • Slowly and gradually, take away your hands and wait for half an hour before letting your dog up.
  • If your puppy moves, repeat the process until he learns to remain in down position.
  • When the time is up, say “okay” and allow your dog to get up.

While many puppies are submissive after just a couple of sessions, some require additional perseverance. So do not quit if your dog resists; they will inevitably learn to remain “down” when told to do this since you are the pack leader.

Be The Pack Leader in Dog Training: Teach “Sit” Command

Focus on practicing the “sit” command with your dog while continuing with the “down” command during the second week. Introduce your dog to the command and carry on it persistently until he learns it effectively. Once you have practiced “down” command for 30 minutes, follow these steps to begin training your dog to “sit.”

  • Stand on the side of your dog.
  • Put your one hand on your dog’s back and the other on his chest.
  • Pet your dog’s back until you have reached the tail.
  • Gently apply pressure to the hip area to encourage your dog to sit.
  • Say the word “sit” when your dog is about to sit.
  • Remove both hands from your dog and wait for 5 to 10 minutes before permitting him to move.
  • Reposition your dog and repeat it.
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Be The Pack Leader in Dog Training: Combine Teaching

Practice both “down” and “sit” commands during the third & fourth week of dog training. In the third week, your training should include 30 minutes of “down” and 10 minutes of “sit” command practice. However, this time do it from a distance. If necessary, you may gradually increase the distance until you are on the other side of the room and your dog can obey your verbal command from there. This will teach your Dog that as the pack leader – you are in command and he has a duty to obey you, regardless of where are you, as long as he can hear you.

During the fourth week, get your dog used to respond to “sit” and “down” while you move about. If you wish to take your dog training a little further, try using your laptop or carrying out other activities while giving commands. This readies your dog for potential future circumstances when you need him to obey your words, but are too busy to give your full attention.

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