How Dogs See With Their Noses! The Canine Nose Knows!

Just how do dogs see with their noses! For dogs, there’s an entire world out there that we do not know about! A dog’s nose is an amazing organ that man is yet to replicate! Dogs have a fascinating and powerful nasal structure!

How Dogs See With Their Noses

The informative and interesting TED video below illustrates how a dog’s nose can smell the past and the future, and sense things that cannot be seen.

How Dogs See With Their Noses

Psychology professor, Alexandra Horowitz, talks us through the science behind how dogs see with their noses. She explains how our furry friends experience the world! The awesome canine nose allows our dogs to know and experience things that we cannot.

Did you know that dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell? What this means is that each nostril smells independently. This allows a dog to know more about the smell – what it is and where it comes from!

Another little-known fact is that dogs breathe in through one hole in the nose and out through another! Because of this, canines are constantly sending olfactory information about the smell. This information is sifted and sorted by millions of olfactory sensors. The olfactory bulb in the dog’s brain receives an enormous amount of data from the sensors. Dogs have a far larger olfactory bulb than humans do.

Dogs can smell things that cannot be seen. Dogs detect a huge assortment of hormones released by humans and other animals! This information serves dogs and mankind. They determine whether a creature is a friend or a foe, or perhaps a potential mate. In man’s case, they are able to detect disease, pregnancy, and anxiety.

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Dogs “smell in time!” They know exactly which dogs have urinated on a tree, what their last meal was, and how they were feeling at the time!

Trust your dog’s nose! It is a thing of wonder!

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