How Dogs Love Us: A Simple Test To Tell If Your Dog Really Loves You

We all love our dogs and we’re sure they know that we do! But how do you know your dog loves you?

In his book How Dogs Love Us, author Gregory Burns says that although he spent two years training dogs to go into an MRI to study their mental behavior, there are simple clues you can use to figure out how your dog feels about you!

So how do you know your dog loves you? This test doesn’t require complex medical research – it consists of five simple questions that will help you find the answer.

  1. Does your dog cuddle up with you after eating?

It’s no question that dogs are primarily motivated by food. Normally dogs go potty after their meal, but what does your dog do after that? Does your pup want to go outside and play alone or does he snuggle up beside you?

Burns says that, once your dog has consumed all his food, his next impulse determines what’s most important after eating. It your dog prefers snuggling with you, it means your pup really loves you!

  1. Where does your dog sleep?

This is a topic of controversy among dog owners. Many insist it’s a bad idea to let your dog sleep on your bed, but Burns argues it’s a good test of your dog’s loyalty if your pooch prefers to sleep with you.

  1. How does your dog react when you leave?

Does your dog hate it when you leave? If the answer is yes, Burns says that it’s not necessarily a sign that your dog loves you, but more of a sign of separation anxiety.

If your dog willingly goes into his crate before you leave, this means he loves and trusts you and is confident that you will return.

  1. How does your dog react when you come home?
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Burns says that a sure sign of your dog love is when he jumps all over you when you arrive home – even after he’s been fed.

  1. Do you love your dog?

This may sound like a rhetorical question, but do you love your dog? If you do, it means your dog loves you back! Dogs love everybody who shows them love and kindness!

What do you think? Does your dog really love you?


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