How Do We Know When To Switch To Senior Dog Food?

There is no need to worry if you see any changes in your dog’s attitude toward food if he is 8 years old or older. Most dogs are no longer interested in food as they used to be when they were younger.

Senior dogs feel better if you feed them more meals a day, which may be less consistent. Their digestive tract is not as fast as it used to be until now, and small meals will help them a lot. You will see that your dog will not have the same appetite as before. It is your responsibility to arouse his interest in meals by presenting food in an interesting way before them.

Senior Dog Food Options

– You can continue with the food you have used before if you see that it keeps helping your dog maintain a healthy life.

– You can add antioxidants, fiber, and omega 3 on top of his regular food.

– You can gradually shift your furry friend’s diet to senior dog food.

– The best choice you can make is to prepare his meals at home.

The fact that your dog is getting old is normal, and you have to get used to this idea. You will see many changes in his life. He is getting slower; he won’t be in the mood of playing as much as he did before, and he might gain weight or start eating less. The truth is that this is very normal.

As he does not expend energy, he may be unwilling to eat much. If you force him to eat, he may put on weight.

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Do Older Dogs Need Senior Dog Food

Yes, they do. As a result of all the changes in their body, their food needs are changing too. They need low-calorie diets to prevent obesity and high fiber to help improve digestive and gastrointestinal health.

The truth is that food companies started to produce different types of food for different stages in the life of a dog. The best thing to do is to choose the food that fits the best with your dog’s age. If you have several dogs of different ages at home, you may want to choose “multi-stage” food that caters to the nutritional needs of all of your furry friends.

Is it good for your senior dog to eat snacks if you reduce the amount of food fed to him? Yes, they can receive snacks, but they must be low fat. The best snacks for your dog at this age are milk biscuits, apples, and carrots, but you must try to avoid giving raisins and grapes because they aren’t good for a senior dog.

Besides senior dog food, older dogs need to consume a lot of water.

Your older furry friend is your responsibility. By understanding his life’s changes, you can gradually incorporate senior dog food in his meal plans.

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