How and When to Start With Dog Agility Training

 As we all know, dog agility is a very popular sport in which dogs are directed by their handler with a low voice and body gestures between obstacles without being allowed to touch the dog or the obstacle.

Some people do this just for fun, while others compete in agility trials where dogs and handlers work as a team in order to pass the obstacles made of jumps, tunnels, and walkways.

Before seeing how to do the dog agility training, let me tell you which breeds are the best for this. It was proved that more than 150 breeds can do this job just great. The Australian Shepherd is considered to be the best in sports, but this doesn’t make him the winner all the time. Even mixed breed dogs are good here; what really matters is that your dog should be playful and energetic, and he will probably enjoy agility.

The dog agility training usually starts early, but dogs compete only at the age of 1 or 2 years, because puppies and younger dogs may get injured. The first things a dog must learn is the basic obedience training, such as “sit, come, heel, stay.”

When the dog knows everything about the basic obedience, you can improvise some agility obstacles using household items. Here are some obstacles that you can use for his further training:

  1. At the beginning of the dog agility training, you should use weave poles. You can make them easily by sticking 10 to 15 sticks or pipes in the ground with enough space between them so that the dog can navigate easily.
  2. Make a dog walk by a picnic bench.
  3. You should train your dog in standard jumping. For this, you can make use of different things depending on the height of your dog, such as chairs, broomsticks, pipes, and tires, among others.
  4. The pause table in dog agility training is also very important. You can use any old table, which should be stable and low in height so that it doesn’t cause accidents.
  5. The tunnel is a very common obstacle, and you can find them in many general stores at a low price.
  6. The teeter tooter obstacle is one of the most enjoyable pieces of the playground, which may be made of a piece of long wood and some pipes.
Dog Training Is All About Your Mindset!

When you have done everything and you are sure that your furry friend is obedient enough, you can start his agility training, but take it slowly step by step. Take one obstacle at a time, so that the dog becomes very comfortable with it, then put two obstacles together with enough space so that the dog may complete his first obstacle properly and begin the second obstacle without any problems. As the dog is comfortable with it, you can add more obstacles and drive your dog through them. If you feel he knows all the obstacles properly and he can do them easily, build a course and keep working at his training.

What is the hardest thing you have ever managed to train your dog to do?

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