Homemade Dog Food: That’s Right, We Can Do It Too!

You might say that you don’t have time to cook for yourself, why do I tell you about homemade dog food? You know why? No matter how expensive the dog food you feed your dog is, it can’t compare to the homemade dog food. No, I’m writing just because I like to write, I write because I’m sure of what I’m saying.

You might not have time to cook your own food, but you can go to certain restaurants where you know that what you eat is all natural and organic. Can you find these kind of restaurants for your dog too? I don’t think so! You imagine that if you buy your dog the food you eat will be good for him? Let me tell you something: not every human food is good for dogs. Did you know that? Yes, there are people feeding their dogs with human food, but trust me, they aren’t healthy as they should be. Dogs have other nutritional needs. We are very different from our dogs in many ways and here we surely are very different.

homemade dog food

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So, knowing all these things, are you ready to give a shot to the homemade dog food? It’s not as hard as it seems to be. It takes a very short time to cook it. The ingredients you should add are very easy to find. The process of cooking is also very easy. And a very important thing you should know about the food you are making by your own is that you can keep it in the refrigerator for days and in the freezer for entire weeks. Do not imagine that you will have to cook every day. A dog doesn’t eat that much, so you can cook one day in a week. And spending some time in the chicken can be very relaxing. Instead of watching TV or chatting on the internet, how do you feel about spending some time in the kitchen for the best of your dog? Does he deserve that much?

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A huge difference between the homemade dog food and the food you can buy from the shelves of the pet stores are the ingredients used. Dog food producing companies think about their profit rather than the health of the dog that eats their food. I don’t want to say that you can’t find healthy dog food to buy, but you have to read carefully the labels to convince yourself that the ingredients are of high quality.

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Even if this requirement is accomplished, when you look at the price you may not afford to provide your dog this kind of food daily. But if you cook at home using natural ingredients you can make some high nutritional and healthy dog food for a very low price. Not to mention that the shelf food contains all kind of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors that you don’t need to add in the dog food you make at home even if you want to keep it for a longer period of time in the freezer. Do you know how much harm can produce the preservatives to your dog?

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Do you feed your dog just to have something in the stomach, or you really care for him? If you care about what he eat, please start cooking for him as soon as possible. If you don’t have any dog food recipes just do a quick search and you will find enough to get you started. The ball is in your court now, it’s time to stop reading and take action.

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