Homeless Junkyard Dogs Gets Makeover After Receiving TLC

Covered with motor oil, cold, alone and terrified in a Los Angeles-area junkyard, Elmer and Elsie were much relieved to be in the hands of their rescuers, members of Hope for Paws.

At first they weren’t. Elsie darted away from underneath a low platform and well out of arms reach. It took a while for Hope For Paws’ Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo to coax both pups out of their ragged and measly hiding places. At first the pooches were hesitant, but still evidently affectionate.


Elmer and Elsie’s lives were changed soon after. The transformation wasn’t just physical. Soon after a bath and a check up, they were happily playing and cuddling again like most rescued dogs. With the much-needed morale boost from being in the company of caring people, Elmer an Elsie found themselves comfortable with human companionship again and trusting their new-found family.

For Eldad and Lisa, this is the most gratifying part of the job.

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“The most rewarding [thing] is seeing the transformation of the animals from at their worst to at their best, then finding them amazing homes,” Eldad once told Modern Dog Magazine.

According to Elmer and Elsie’s profile, they are currently up for adoption through Maltese Rescue California. The adorably inseparable pair are looking for a new home together.

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