Hilarious Prank Video Of Man In Dog Costume Highlights Nature And Plight Of Dogs!

The internet’s favorite French prankster Rémi Gaillard is back and up to his old tricks!

This hilarious prank video features a man in a dog costume and highlights both the nature and plight of dogs!

Hilarious Prank Video Of Man In Dog Costume Highlights Nature And Plight Of Dogs

Gaillard is known for messing with people in public while wearing animal costumes. This time, he’s a dog.

We can’t figure out his specific breed, but he could be an Appenzell Mountain Dog, a Bernese Mountain Dog, or an Entlebucher Mountain Dog!

One thing is for sure, this prank video will have you laughing along!

Rémi dog thinks he’s going for a trip with his human. Sadly, he gets abandoned along highway instead.

Poor Rémi dog then puts up a poster saying: “I’m lost. Please call someone.”

Now a stray, Rémi dog longs for the love and attention every dog deserves, and goes looking for it.

He meets an old man at a golf club and brings him a stick hoping for a game. The confused man obliges and throws the stick for him. Rémi dog wants to play more but the old man has had enough. Rémi dog then digs a hole, and it’s not really a problem, until the flying sand hits the man. Their meeting ends in a fight!

You can’t keep a good dog down and Rémi dog is off to the beach for his next adventure. The “dog” humps and pees on people. He even steals a Frisbee.

Other funny scenes follow – the “dog” steals bones in a graveyard, blocks a walkway with tons of dog poop and visits the vet!

Rémi dog finally lands up in a cage at a rescue center waiting for his forever home.

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