Hilarious Husky Won’t Let Mom Get His Human Brother Out Of Bed!

Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend. They’re kid’s best friend too!

It’s time to rise and shine but this hilarious Husky won’t let mom get his human brother out of bed!

It’s a school day and the youngster needs to leave the comfort of his cozy bed to get ready for school, but his adorable Husky sleeping buddy has different ideas.

Hilarious Husky Wont Let Mom Get His Human Brother Out Of Bed

Mom does her best to wake her son and get him out of bed, but she has to get passed his protector and best friend first.

The family’s Siberian Husky is lying on top of the boy, guarding him against anyone brave enough to try and disturb his rest.

Every time mom tries to wake lift up his blanket, the Husky pretend nips and nudges mom’s hand away!

This awesome Husky has such a great sense of humor. The pooch is playing a game – and winning!

Both mom and the kid giggle at the Husky’s cute antics!

This dog is every school boy’s dream dog!

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