Hermaphrodite Pit Bull Dog Rescued By Detroit Dog Rescue To Be Trained As Transgender Therapy Dog

Just this week, a hermaphrodite Pit Bull dog was taken in by Detroit Dog Rescue. The poor pooch is not in good shape, but once he recovers the rescue organization plans to train him as a therapy dog for transgender youths.

The rescue organization pulled Cody, a smoky gray Pit Bull, from the Detroit Animal Control shelter.

Little did they know, Cody is not like any regular dog, he’s a hermaphrodite dog—he has both male and female genitalia!

“You can actually see the vulva and the formation of what are really small testicles,” Kristina Rinaldi, executive director of the DDR, told CBS Denver.

Sadly, Cody was in bad shape when Detroit Dog Rescue got him. Aside from being malnourished, he also showed signs of pneumonia and distemper, and tested positive for heartworms.

The Pit Bull is being treated at Greenfield Animal Hospital. It will be a long road to recovery but Detroit Dog Rescue and their supporters are hoping for the best.

According to DDR, their veterinarian is already consulting a reproductive specialist at Michigan State University to decide whether Cody should be neutered, spayed or both. But before any of that can happen Cody needs to get healthy.

Once the Pit Bull has recovered, DDR says they are considering turning Cody into a kind of therapy dog for transgender young people.

“We also may want to use Cody to talk to teens who maybe are going through the same things, we want to reach out to Affirmations in Ferndale and maybe we can use Cody as an example that there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s not strange, it happens to the best animals and the best people … Maybe Cody can help some other people deal with some feelings they may be dealing with,” Rinaldi said.

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Source: CBS News

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