Hermaphrodite Dog? Female Dog Grows A Penis!

Have you ever heard of a hermaphrodite dog?

In Lincolnshire, England, a female pup shocked her owners and vets by growing a penis.

Lola, a one year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, had her owner worried when she noticed a small growth around the dog’s genitals.

Mercury Press

Mercury Press

Initially, the vets thought it was harmless until it continued to grow into a fully-fledged penis.

The vets were supposed to spay the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lola when they discovered testicles where her ovaries should be.

“People used to ask what that thing was round Lola’s back. I just thought it was normal for when girl dogs are in heat,” Lola’s owner Janice said. “But it used to get bigger at times, and when she lay on her back it used to pop up, sometimes coming out quite far!

“We all jokingly said that it looked like a willy, but thought there was no way it could be – it’s in the wrong position.”

Janice got the hermaphrodite dog from a neighbor when she was four months old. The people who were supposed to take her changed their minds.

“Everything was fine at first; she was just a normal puppy. But when she was about one we noticed she had lumps on her body,” she said.  “We took her to the vets, who told us it was simple hives. That was when they first noticed her penis.”

Both Janice and the vets became suspicious after finding a ‘vaginal polyp’ during a routine examination.

“I just couldn’t believe it, because to me, you can always tell a male dog from a female dog. She looks like a girl anyway,” she said. “She does have a boisterous side – she’s really naughty, so maybe that was a hint.Perhaps another hint was that when she went to the toilet she was really quiet and scared, and used to go into the corner.”

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Lola now lives with Janice’s mom after she moved into an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. She still sees her ‘baby’ three or four times a day.

Lola, who is now about three and half, has attracted comments from people who don’t understand her condition.

“I got a couple of negative remarks like ‘two for the price of one’, and ‘put her down, she’s a weirdo’. Comments like that really do hurt,” she said. “It’s ridiculous. She’s just a normal everyday dog, which I don’t think people realize. But to me she’s just Lola, I don’t see her as this dog with a problem.

“While we did have her testicles removed for safety and to ensure that she was definitely spayed, we won’t remove her penis as this would be too much of a dangerous operation for her. So she’ll be staying how she is now!”

But judging by her personality, she’s definitely more girl than guy, says Janice.

“Lola’s the softest dog ever, all she wants to do is play. She’s just my little lady,” she said.


H/T: Mirror

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