Gorgeous Golden Retriever Howls A Duet With Himself As A Puppy!

This adorable dog knows how to carry a tune!

Watch this gorgeous Golden Retriever, Hobbs, howl a duet – with himself!

The musical pup is watching videos of him “singing” along to the piano as a puppy!

The cute Golden puppy on the screen captures the adult Golden’s full attention! The dog approaches the screen to get a closer look.

Gorgeous Golden Retriever Howls A Duet With Himself As A Puppy!

It’s not long before Hobbes bursts into song to perform a duet – adding his adult howl to his puppy howl.

The video ends with the Golden Retriever approaching his owners for a congratulatory cuddle.

It’s such a special moment!

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As a puppy and an adult, the word that best describes this Golden Retriever is “awesome.”

The adorable clip was posted to YouTube by the dog’s owner, Gracie Thompson. Here’s what she wrote in the caption:

We were watching old videos of Hobbes and this video of him singing along to the piano came on. He couldn’t help but sing along again.

The song “both” pups are singing alone to is One Summer’s Day by Joe Hisaishi, from the movie Spirited Away.

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