Golden Retriever’s Reaction To Cancer Results Will Melt Your Hearts!


Watch and see this Golden Retriver’s reaction to cancer results! This Golden Retriever’s name is Lily.

This beautiful senior dog was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma—and there was only a 10 percent chance the tumor was benign.

Golden Retrievers Reaction To Cancer Results Will Melt Your Hearts

Refusing to give, Lily’s owners decided to have a 6-pound tumor removed from the dog’s spleen.

The results came in and it was quite nerve-wracking. Lily beat the odds and the result was negative! Lily is cancer-free and that was certainly awesome good news?

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This Golden Retriever’s reaction to cancer results will surely melt your hearts!

She jumps in delight on hearing the good news from her mom!

We’re so happy for this Golden and her family!

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