Golden Retriever Fails Obedience Contest But Wins The Real Prize!


Watch as this hilarious Golden Retriever fails an obedience contest — for a good reason!

In Finland, a dog competition called Koira Mestari is held to showcase the talents of dogs of different breeds. In this competition, a dog’s focus, obedience, and speed are tested.

Most dogs performed well, except a Golden Retriever who we believe is the smartest of them all.

In the event he joined, the Golden Retriever had to go straight to his young owner. He had to be focused on obeying his owner’s commands.

But there is problem. There are distractions laid along the path. There are toys and lots of food, and boy, they sure smell nice!

Golden Retriever Fails Obedience Contest But Wins The Real Prize

Instead of going straight to his owner, the silly pooch made a detour and played with the toys before indulging on every tasty food he could get his paws and mouth on!

The judges, referee, and facilitators could not help but laugh at the dog’s voracious appetite.

The Golden Retriever’s owner even had to pick him up in the middle of challenge and lead him to the finish line.

This Golden Retriever may not have won the medal but he sure won the real prize: the sausages and our hearts!

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