Gifts for Dogs: A Guide to Spoiling Your Canine Friend

Get Dog Gift for That Special Time of the Year!

When Christmas comes, many dog lovers like to hit the Internet or pet stores in search for gift ideas for dogs. Of course, your dog will love anything that you bring home because it is from their favorite person (you!). But a number of owners may want to get their beloved furry friend something special. Of course, Christmas does not have to be the only time of the year in which you purchase gifts for your dog; many owners like to present gifts to their furry child on their birthday as well. You may also want to purchase gifts for dogs that belong to shelters, your friends, neighbors, or family!

Finding the Perfect Gift for Dogs

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing gifts for dogs. You can literally get them almost anything. You may opt for a cozy sweater, delicious rawhide bone, a fun new chew toy, a bagful of treats, or something soft to cuddle with.

When picking dog gifts, try to keep the pet’s personality in mind. For example, if you have a dog that loves being outdoors, try to keep that in mind when picking a gift. Frisbees, tennis balls, or other fetching toys are great gifts for dogs that like to spend time outdoors.

For dogs that tend to get anxious or lonely when their owner leaves for work, an oversized plush stuffed animal could be just the thing. Also, if you are buying for someone else’s dog, keep that person in mind too. Not everybody likes the squeaky toys, so if your friend likes peace and tranquility, you should avoid buying him a toy that makes too much noise!

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Also, keep the age of the dog in mind. Younger dogs like to chew on things, so rubber toys are a great gift idea. For older dogs that may have sensitive teeth, a cozy blanket or bed to lay down on or a stuffed animal to snuggle with would be a great gift idea.

In addition to the dog’s age, you should also consider their size. Smaller breeds like Chihuahuas may appreciate the generous gesture of a large hambone to chew on, but it is too big for them and may cause injury. Instead, opt for a smaller toy. However, small toys may not be a great idea when it comes to choosing gifts for dogs that are larger since they can easily rip these apart.

Splurge on Dog Gifts

Dogs do a lot for us and are part of the family. They deserve all your love and care. It is okay to splurge on dog toys once or twice a year to reward your furry friend for their loyalty and companionship.

You should also try to make donations to shelters. Gifts for shelter dogs can brighten their day and make it easier for volunteers who work there. Many shelters function primarily on donations, so you can rest assured that yours will be much appreciated! Food, chew toys, treats, stuffed animals, and comfy blankets make great shelter gifts for dogs.

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