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Video: Hilarious German Shepherd Hates Bath Time

Some dogs just really hate bath time. Take for example Youtuber Matt Mikka’s German Shepherd Misty. Although we could not help but chuckle at Misty’s sad look, we think she did a very good job! See Misty’s bath time:

Watch: Adorable Talking German Shepherd

Perhaps, it is the most heart-touching German shepherd video we have ever seen. It is a universally accepted notion that dogs absolutely love food. In this video, a German shepherd experiences perhaps one of his most painful food-related heartbreaks. In this fictional talking animal clip, the poor dog’s …

Watch: German Shepherd vs Spider Toy

Over the years, German Shepherds have gained a reputation for being tough and aggressive guys. Indeed, many owners of other dogs fear this breed. However, those of us who have lived with and cared for German Shepherds, know how untrue these stereotypes are. Living with German Shepherds has …

Watch: Life of German Shepherds As Parents

Have you ever wondered how the life of a dog is when he becomes a parent? Well, it is certainly not an easy endeavor. Take for example the case of these German Shepherd parents. Mommy German Shepherd gave birth to nine healthy puppies. And these puppies crave for …

Watch: German Shepherd Puppy’s Adorable Head Tilt

As far head tilts go, this is by far one of the most adorable videos we have seen on the Internet. Meet Enzo, a German shepherd puppy who knows how to melt hearts with one simple move. In this 13-second clip, Enzo has his bath towel wrapped around …


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