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French Bulldog Puppy Enjoys His Teapot Ride And Has A Happy Day!

  Watch as this ultra-cute French Bulldog puppy enjoys his teapot ride! Meet Jude! He’s a French Bulldog and he just turned 6 months-old. As a treat, the little Frenchie got to ride the kiddie ride! The pup has the carousel all to himself he seems to be …

Dog Whose Back Legs Don’t Work Won’t Let Her Disability Slow Her Down

This is Bleu! This dog, whose back legs don’t work, cannot be stopped from having fun and living life to the fullest! This adorable French Bulldog was diagnosed with a neurological condition three years ago. Her owner Katie Bower opted for a lifesaving surgery. Unfortunately, the damage to …

French Bulldog Celebrates Cleveland Cavaliers’ Win By Booping A Balloon!

This adorable pup’s name is Sushi and he’s a Cavaliers’ fan. Watch as this French Bulldog celebrates Cleveland Cavaliers’ win by booping a balloon with his nose! Wearing his jersey, this small but awesome Frenchie is ready to display his skills. See him imitate his idol’s moves — jumping, bouncing …


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