Fluffy Golden Retriever Puppy Has Short Attention Span!

Prepare to laugh and giggle at this Golden Retriever puppy’s very short attention span!

Puppies are easily distracted. They just love everything whether it’s a bug, leaf, ball, paper – you name it!

This little pup’s name is Bentley and he is an Instagram star!

In this video, the adorable Golden pup is hanging out with his older brother outside.

Fluffy Golden Retriever Puppy Has Short Attention Span

Bentley is playing with his tennis ball when he sees leaves dangling right above him.

The curious pup then tries to reach them but fails.

Then he starts scratching his belly and tumbles down in the process.

When he gets back up, the pup can’t make up his mind what to play with: the leaves or the ball?

He walks towards the ball but then sees his owner and runs toward the camera instead.

Oh, Bentley!

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