Five Deformed Puppies Rescued From A Backyard Breeder

Five deformed puppies who were rescued from a backyard breeder in Oklahoma.

Jana Beller saw a terrible post online: five 2-legged dogs were being offered for sale. She thought the poor dogs were born deformed by accident but she was surprised when the owner asked $75 for each pup.

“I messaged and said that I was worried about people getting them for novelty, so I asked her to surrender them,” Beller told The Dodo.

Photo: Chariots for Chiweenies/GoFundMe

When Beller contacted the woman who owned the pups, she discovered that the woman is actually a breeder and the five dogs were from three separate litters. The sadder news is: all the pups’ parents are predisposed to produce this genetic abnormality because they had been repeatedly bred with each other.

“Apparently, other rescuers have been dealing with this lady for years. People kept telling me they took dogs from her with the same condition,” Beller said. “She created them like that knowing they would be that way. I’ve never seen a situation like this.”

Beller said it isn’t clear how many dogs in the woman’s care had been born with undeveloped front limbs, or if she was actually breeding for their deformities.

“I don’t like when people breed dogs, but if this happened just once, I’d have an easier time understanding it. But to breed litter after litter after litter with deformities? I think that’s cruel,” Bella added.

When Beller collected the five dogs, she found out that the woman had voluntarily stopped her breeding operation.

With the help of two local rescue groups, the Bella Foundation and Safe Haven Animal Rescue, the five deformed puppies Beller saw online have found their foster families. The pups will need all the help they can get to get in top shape before they go to their forever homes.

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“Overall, they’re pretty healthy, but we are hoping to get them wheelchairs,”Bella Foundation volunteer Amanda Morstad told The Dodo. “We’re worried about the strain they’re under from walking around on two legs, so having wheels will help them live happier lives as pets.”

The rescuers hope to get the five pups their doggy wheelchairs. Luckily, Eddie’s Wheels agreed to give the pups their much-needed carts at a discounted price.

If you wish to donate to get the puppies the wheelchairs they need, click here.

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