First Stop: Shipping a Dog

Caution: Contents are Fragile

When you hear the phrase shipping a dog the first thing you probably picture is a cardboard box with some obscure address and a barking puppy sitting inside, waiting for the bumpy journey to begin. Thankfully, this is not how your furry companion will be shipped. Most of the time, your dog will be shipped in a comfortable pet carrier. Many breeders and companies will place a pad or blanket at the bottom of the carrier and will usually ship a stuffed animal or toy along with the dog so that he or she does not get bored during the journey. Frequently, dogs are fed and watered an hour or so in advance before the trip so that they do not become sick. However, for longer trips, a water bottle and small bowl of food may also be included in their carrier. Rest assured that your dog will be handled with care.

Purchasing a Dog from a Different Country/State

Although you may be skeptical about purchasing a dog from out of state or country, there is nothing to worry about as far as shipping. Most of the time, breeders will drive the dog to you or meet you halfway if the distance is not too great. However, if shipping is required, your dog will more than likely come in via plane. Shipping a dog via plane is a standard practice and there is no need to worry. A lot of breeders may even opt to fly with the dog and if the breed is small enough, they will be boarded as a carry on and will remain in the cabin in a carrier. If the breeder chooses not to fly with the dog or they are too large, the dog will be transported to the airport and will be loaded with the cargo but will remain in his or her pet carrier during the flight. You must make arrangements to pick up your dog from the airport after his or her arrival. Procedures are similar to that of picking up a family member at the airport.

Planning To Buy A Puppy On The Internet? Beware Of Scammers!

dog shippingShipping a Dog Via Van/Truck

There are a few companies who operate similar to UPS and will ship your dog via truck or van. Again, your pet will not be packaged in a cardboard box nor will your beloved companion be free to roam around the back; he or she will be in a comfortable pet carrier that will be secured to insure a pleasant journey. Your pet will not bounce around in the back in his or her carrier or be thrown on your doorstep like a package. The driver will check on your pet frequently and will NOT leave the dog on your front porch unattended. The breeder will arrange for a specific delivery time, which the driver will confirm, and you must be present to pick up your dog. Not all states offer this service, however.

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Having a dog shipped is a common procedure practiced by many reputable breeders and businesses. There is no reason to stress out over the practice or worry; we can assure you that your pet will be perfectly fine. He or she will receive ample amounts of food and water prior to the trip and during if it is a long journey and will be treated with kindness.

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