First Stop: Shipping a Dog

Whether shipping a dog by air or road, it can be a stressful experience unless you pay attention to minute details. Apart from understanding USDA guidelines and pet relocation procedures, you should also pay utmost attention to your dog’s comfort and safety. Get all your documents ready and select a reliable pet mover with a proven track record of moving animals in a safe and humane way.

Basics of Shipping A Dog

Basics of Shipping a Dog

  • Avoid shipping a dog as cargo.
  • Check destination laws for pet transportation.
  • Keep all health documentation and permits, if required, ready.
  • Find out quarantine rules applicable during the travel and on arrival.
  • Hire pet relocation companies registered with the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association or with a proven track record in shipping dogs.
  • Get your dog medically checked prior to the shipping. You may seek your vet’s advice if the pet turns extremely anxious when traveling.
  • Consider if shipping a dog needs any breed-specific special attention.
  • Make sure you use a well-ventilated and comfortable shipping crate. Make sure your dog is used to the crate before the date of shipping.
  • Affix a photo of your pet on the crate and your contact details on his collar.
  • Feed him well at least 2 hours before shipping a dog to avoid sickness when traveling.

The first thing comes to your mind when heard about shipping a dog is the image of a cardboard box with a cute puppy sitting inside, waiting for his trip to start. However, this is not exactly how your pet is shipped. With professional carriers and services on board, a dog is now relocated with proper safety precautions and in a comfortable way. Crate has replaced the cardboard box and regulations had made safety priority.

Purchasing a Dog from a Different Country/State

You may be skeptical about purchasing a dog from out of state or country thinking that transportation could be an issue for both you and your dog. However, there is nothing to worry about as far as shipping a dog is concerned. Many breeders and companies go an extra mile to make sure the dog travels without any irritants. They usually place a pad or blanket at the bottom of the crate and put stuffed animal or toy inside the crate so that your dog does not get bored during the journey. Even dogs are fed, kept hydrated, and checked frequently to avoid any kind of sickness. Even special food is given to pets while traveling.

Dog Treats Made in USA vs Dog Treats Made in China

Most of the time, breeders drive the dog to you or meet you halfway if the distance is not too big to cover. However, when shipping is required, your dog is more likely to be transported by air or road.

Shipping a dog using an airline is a standard practice and there is nothing to worry. In fact, it is safer and more comfortable for a dog. Many breeders may even opt to fly with the dog and deliver him at your doorstep. Small dogs are often allowed by airlines to board with flyers, who can carry them in the cabin.

For big dogs, it is mandatory to fly them separately housed in specified areas in the cargo bay. You have to arrange to pick up your dog from the airport after his arrival.

Shipping a Dog by Road

There are a number of companies that provide family pet travel and relocation services. They use trucks or vans to ship dogs while ensuring proper treatment and care. You do not need to pack your dog in a cardboard box. These services have custom-made crates provided on rent to ensure absolute comfort for animals when transported.

With human treatment and perfect care, these pet transport services ensure that your beloved companion has a pleasant journey and reach at your doorstep without any hassle. Caretakers frequently supervise pets traveling and ensure timely delivery.

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