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Finnish Lapphund At a Glance

Country of Origin:


Breed Group:

AKC (Herding); ANKC (Working); CKC (Herding); FCI (Spitz and Primitive); KC (Pastoral); UKC (Northern)


Medium. Weight: 33–53 lbs Height: Males 18–20.5 inches; Females 16–18.5 inches


Long, thick, and plush.


All colors allowed.

Life Span:

12 to 15 years

Breed Profile

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Did You Know?

Since this breed is from the north, they can tolerate very cold climates but do not do well in the heat.

Finnish Lapphund Overview

Similar to other Spitz-type dogs, the Lapphund originated in Lappland, protecting its owner and hunting reindeer. As the owners of these dogs changed their lifestyles, the breed switched from a hunting breed to a herding breed, protecting livestock. The Lapphund is one of the most popular breeds in Finland today. The breed is also part of the Foundation Stock Service of the AKC. These breeds are not recognized by the AKC for shows, but can use the AKC for listing records and breeding lines.


Finnish Lapphund Characteristics

The Finish Lapphund is fiercely loyal and loves keeping his family together and safe. Their herding instincts have become so strong that they may try to herd family members together to keep them in one room. They are very sweet and often attuned to their owners needs, allowing them to pick up on things and react accordingly. Finnish Lapphunds also sport the same fluffy coat and curly tail of its Spitz cousins.


Finnish Lapphund Temperament

Finnish Lapphunds are sweet and loyal making them a very popular pet. They are very eager to please and their intelligence and instinctive nature to pick up on the needs of their families makes them a beloved pet. While most Lapphunds are now family pets, they still retain the same need to herd things, both people and animal.

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Finnish Lapphund Care

Living on average 12 to 16 years, Finnish Lapphunds have a slightly above average lifespan compared to other breeds their size. They can have eye issues though including cataracts and Progressive Retinal Atrophy, a genetic disorder that slowly causes blindness.


Finnish Lapphund Coat

The long, plush coat of the Finnish Lapphund requires frequent brushing to keep it clean and mat free. The breed also has a long undercoat that sheds regularly. Brushing often can reduce shedding and keep the undercoat from becoming matted. If the dog is frequently outdoors, checking the coat for burrs or seeds will help keep them from embedding into the undercoat and skin.


Finnish Lapphund Training

The herding nature and ease of picking up on an owner’s wants make the Finnish Lapphund very easily trainable. They are intelligent and eager to please, often working hard to do what their owner wants. They have a natural instinct to herd, and so should have their minds kept busy to avoid destructive behaviors.


Finnish Lapphund Activity

Finnish Lapphunds are an active breed due to their hunting and herding heritage. They do best with regular activity, whether it is in traditional roles, or just on vigorous walks with an owner. Constant activity will help keep the Finnish Lapphund healthy and happy.


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