Feeding Your Dog Human Food? What’s Safe?

Most dogs love to eat all sorts of foods. You should be conscious of what type of food your dog can and cannot eat to avoid health issues.

By knowing how to feed your pet dog, you can help him live a healthy, long life.

Here’s a list of foods that you can safely feed your dog:

  • Sunflower oil: Besides keeping illness at bay, sunflower oil promotes a healthy and shiny coat. A tablespoon is ideal for any dog breed.
  • Carrots: Not all kinds of vegetables are advised for dogs, but the carrot is an essential vegetable that needs to be included in your doggy’s diet at least once weekly.
  • Apples: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” applies to dogs too. You should include a sliced apple without peel in your pet’s diet. Apples help get rid of health problems, such as loose stools.
  • Yogurt: Creamy white yogurt is everybody’s favorite. Yogurt combined with your dog’s rice is an excellent dairy supplement. It kills bad germs in your doggy’s mouth.
  • Eggs. An egg white is good for dog health problems, such as Gastric Torsion or bloating. An egg white helps revitalize your dog’s energy, thus helping him stay fit.
  • Water: Larger breeds should consume about  2 liters of water daily. Water aids in getting rid of bad toxins inside the body. Just be sure to give clean water at least 3 times a day.
  • Leftovers: Some believe that human leftovers aren’t good for dogs because they are at a risk of getting allergies. If you’re in the habit of feeding your dog leftovers, non-seasoned food is a better alternative.
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