Recommended Schedule For Feeding a Puppy. Are You Doing It Right?

A puppy has different eating schedules, including different food and eating patterns. It is important to differentiate between the two. The puppy owner should have full information on what the puppy would eat, how frequently it eats, what it should not, and how much it should eat in each meal. Bringing the puppy home is an enjoyable experience, but it is important that you are patient and caring as a pet owner.

The first and foremost point to consider while feeding a puppy is about the number of times and the exact time to feed. Veterinary doctors suggest that, until a puppy is about 18 weeks, it should be fed for three times a day.

Feeding a Puppy: Meal Time

The first meal should be around 7 AM; the second meal at about noon time; and the third and last at about 5 PM. This last meal should be mandatorily given at 5 PM, so that the puppy has enough time to chew and digest the consumed food.

Usually, puppies excrete one time in the night, and an early dinner helps in quick digestion and easy excretion.

The second thing that one must keep in mind is about what to feed the puppy. Only quality products should be fed. It is important not to settle for cheap dog foods that are available in the market. These cheap foods are only fillers. Though these foods may help the puppy to put on weight, they do not provide him with necessary nutrients.

He is always left to crave for more of these cheap foods, and this may result in overeating. A pup that indulges on overeating has a higher chance of suffering from health problems. Some of these low-quality foods also contain chemicals like preservatives that may cause diarrhea or constipation in the puppies.  If the puppy suffers from any of these conditions, then maintenance can become an uphill task.

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Feeding a Puppy: Dont’s

  • The owner must always ensure that the puppy should never be overfed even if it pleads. Overeating can be hazardous. Some big breeds of puppies always crave for more. A dog that indulges in overeating can suffer from digestion problems. The puppy’s organs may not develop properly while he grows up into an adult dog. It is advisable to feed the puppy in a crate so that he feels safe. It can eat freely from a crate as it does not feel any threat from the outside world.
  • After food, the puppy is given water and should be allowed a 15-min resting time. Only after that should he be taken outside to excrete.
  • In the initial stages, owners must be patient and caring and try to understand that puppies might have the tendency to go for pee and poop multiple times. Frustration makes it feel threatened and abused.

An abused puppy most probably grows up to be a very aggressive dog and may become a nuisance for the neighborhood. Hence it is advisable to deal with extreme care while handling puppies.

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