Faithful Russian Dog Refuses To Leave Spot Where His Owner Was Killed

The story of a faithful Russian dog who refuses to leave the spot where his owner was killed has been breaking the hearts of dog lovers around the world.

This loyal Siberian Husky remains at the place on the road where his best friend was killed in a car accident more than a year ago.



“We haven’t been able to get anywhere near the animal,” Anastasia Selina, an animal activist based in Siberia, told Central European News. “It only seems to want to get to its previous owner and as far as we know, they didn’t survive the car accident.”

The Siberian Husky has been seen standing at the very same spot since the 2014 car crash – waiting for his owner.

“It doesn’t trust anyone else and will not even let anybody else stroke it,” Selina said.

Residents in the nearby village of Berkut have left food out for the dog and even built a kennel near the side of the road. A truck driving past destroyed thecage. Fortunately, community members rebuilt the devoted dog’s kennel a few weeks later.


Source: NY Post

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