Enchanteur Commercial Stars Adorable Golden Retriever Puppy! Cute Puppy Video!

If this little cutie doesn’t sell deodorant, nothing will!

Prepare to be bewitched as you watch the new Enchanteur commercial starring an adorable Golden Retriever puppy.

The ad is set in Paris where plenty of hot air balloons float around the Eiffel Tower.


As a woman appreciates the view, she passes a man with his Golden Retriever puppy.

He notices her scent as they pass and comes up with a way to get her attention.

The man has his Golden pup deliver a pink rose to the beautiful woman.

As she is about to reach for the flower, the puppy runs away in the direction of his owner.

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The woman followed the pup and finds the man waiting for her beside a hot air balloon.

He picks up the Golden Retriever pup, takes the flower, and gives it to the woman.

The advert ends with the three of them riding in the hot air balloon!

Advertisers sure know how effective puppy charms are!

How cute!

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