Emaciated Stray Dog Found With Coffee Can Around Her Neck Makes Remarkable Recovery

Olivia, a mix breed stray dog, wandered the streets of Dallas with a coffee can jammed around her neck. A good Samaritan found the emaciated dog she is currently making an amazing recovery from the terrible experience.


The bottom and the top circular parts of the can had been removed and the remaining tube shoved over her head. The edges of the can cut into the homeless dog’s neck, keeping her from eating for several days, perhaps even weeks. The history of this awful incident is unknown.

Olivia is on the road to recovery and has had several surgeries. Her condition improves daily. You can’t keep a good dog down!

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It is clear that the coffee can had been on for a long time before emaciated do was found. She was in an appalling condition and probably close to death. Her skin had grown around the edges of the can.

Olivia was taken to Metro Paws Animal Hospital where veterinarians removed the can. She has been nursed back to health by the dedicated volunteers at Animal Allies of Texas.


This brave dog has since 11 pounds and had multiple surgeries.

The team suspect that she also gave birth during the time she spent with the can on her neck but there wasn’t any sign of the litter.

It has yet to be decided when Olivia will be available for adoption.

Volunteers wrote on their Facebook page: ‘We can see the Shepherd lineage in this beautiful girl. Looking forward to her coat coming in.’

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