Efficient Pet Odor Removal – Tips and Tricks

Of course, you love your dog, but you may find it a challenge to keep your house clean and fresh with a pooch around. Even well-groomed dogs have a specific smell.  But this is no reason not to have a dog because there are easy pet odor removal ways to get rid of that bad smell. The best thing is these options are affordable and easy to get.

Pet Odor Removal: How To Get Rid of Bad Smell

  • Air filter

An air filter can come in handy to remove pet odor. These are very useful products that you can find at an affordable price.

However, your job does not end at installing an air filter. It is important to change the filters once a month. You should check the filters from time to time to detect any airborne odors inside. You might not notice it because you are used to the dog smell in your house, but your guests who do not own a pooch can instantly sense the bad smell in your property.

  • Baking soda

Did you know that baking soda has the power to remove bad smells? It is often used as odor pet removal and you can use it too. You can add a teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl and keep it like this in your house. It will be an excellent air freshener.

You may use it on fabrics and furniture. Almost all fabrics are baking soda resistant, but it’s better to check before using it.

Sprinkle some baking soda on the area you want to clean, leave it there for 10-15 minutes and then vacuum clean it.

How to Deal With Dog Allergies?

You can use baking soda for your dog’s crate too. It will absorb any odor.

You know that sometimes dogs eliminate in inappropriate places in your house. Even if you warn him not to do it again, he might repeat because dogs have a specific scent with which they identify the spot to eliminate again and again.

It is, therefore, important to clean the area as soon as the dog has eliminated. What to use? There are many sprays and candles, but they only cover the smell, don’t eliminate it. Use a natural neutralizer or ionizer for pet odor removal. Follow the instructions on the bottle to clean the area with these products.

What else can you do with pet odor removal product?

Clean your dog’s toys, bed, and crate once a week. This will keep them odor free.

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