Doodleman Pinscher


Doodleman Pinscher At a Glance

Country of Origin:

United States

Breed Group:


Large. Weight: 66-88 lbs . Height: 24-28 inches


This dog breed comes in three different coat types: curly, wavy, and smooth.


Red, White, Black and Tan, Black, Brown; Solid or Blended

Life Span:

10 to 12 years

Breed Profile

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Did You Know?

The Doodleman Pinscher breed is commonly referred to as a “designer dog”.

Breed Group: Not AKC Recognized



Doodleman Pinscher Overview

This dog breed is a cross between two breeds, the Doberman Pinscher and the Standard Poodle. The Doodleman Pinscher breed is commonly referred to as a “designer dog”. This breed is one of a largest of the cross- breeds.


Doodleman Pinscher Characteristics

This dog breed is well proportioned and muscular in appearance. The Doodleman Pinscher has distinctive facial features and normally the long ears of the Poodle. This dog breed is hardy, bold and agile.


Doodleman Pinscher Temperament

This dog breed is typically pleasant, good-natured, well balanced and affectionate. They are devoted, loyal, and loving. This dog breed generally gets along well with older children. They also generally get along well with other dogs and non-canine pets. They are wary of strangers, but not normally aggressive. This breed is protective of their family, property and territory, and makes a good watchdog.


Doodleman Pinscher Care

The amount of maintenance required for this dog breed depends largely on the coat type. They usually require frequent brushing to remove loose and dead hair or professional clipping. It is essential to keep the ears clean to prevent infection. The breed is susceptible to Von Willebrand’s Disease, bloat, hip dysplasia, Wobbler Syndrome, PRA, skin problems and epilepsy.

Siberian Husky


Doodleman Pinscher Coat

This dog breed comes in three different coat types: curly, wavy, and smooth. Their coat type and color is only fully apparent at around age 2. The coat may be short or long in length. The length of the hair of this breed can be anywhere between 2 and 4 inches. The coat of this breed is extremely distinctive in that it is luxurious. The curlier the coat of the breed, the less they shed. Many poodle crosses get the coat like a Poodle, but not the texture. Because most dogs do not shed or shed very lightly, they are great for allergysufferers. The coat colors of this breed include white, black, red, black and tan.


Doodleman Pinscher Training

This dog breed tends to be fairly stubborn and dominant. Early socialization and obedience is essential for this breed. This breed does not respond well to harsh or forceful training techniques. Training should be performed with firmness, fairness, patience and consistency.


Doodleman Pinscher Activity

This dog breed adapts relatively well to city or apartment living, provided their exercise needs are met. Preferably, this dog should have an average-sized, securely fenced yard where there is ample room to run and play. This breed thrives on family interaction and loves a leashed walk.

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