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What To Do When You See A Dog Left Out In The Cold

It’s a sad truth that some dogs live most of their lives chained outside their homes. As a dog lover it’s so hard to see. So what you should do when you see a dog left out in the cold? The short answer is – don’t take matters into your …

Celebrity Dachshund Crusoe Goes Hunting In The Snow!

It’s wabbit season and a hunting dog has to do what a hunting dog’s got to do! Watch in delight as Celebrity Dachshund Crusoe goes hunting in the snow! Wearing his hunting gear and clutching his rifle, the adorable little wiener dog is ready for some rabbit hunting. …

Talking Husky Mishka Loves Winter And Lets Her Owner Know It!

Huskies and snow go well together – they’re built for it and relish the season! Talking Husky  Mishka loves winter and in her adorable, unique Husky-speak she lets her owner know it! It’s the first snow of 2016 and dad and the pooches are having fun in the backyard. …


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