Dogs for Kids: A Guide to Adding Another Family Member

Adding another Family Member

Dogs make excellent companions for children. They offer hours of entertainment, loyalty, and a lifetime full of love. They provide your child with a friend to play with during the day and something soft to cuddle with at night. Dogs also provide a nice level of security for your child, making you feel more at ease when they are outside playing in the yard. Dogs also teach your child responsibility and how to care for a living being under your guidance and instruction. Service dogs for kids with disabilities can also help them out tremendously by providing them with a companion, security, independence, and studies have shown that children suffering from autism had fewer meltdowns when their dog was around.

dogs for kidsThings to Keep in Mind before Purchasing

When it comes time to purchase a new family member, there are a few things you should keep in mind. When buying dogs for kids, not all breeds will make acceptable pets. For example, the Lhasa Apso may be an incredibly cute breed and your kids may fall in love with it immediately, but these are not good pets for small children. They do not enjoy being handled and are known to bite, which can scare small kids and create a fear of dogs at an early age. Always do research before purchasing a dog; never buy based on looks alone.

Keep in mind that if your children have allergies, only a handful of dog breeds will be acceptable. Your child will definitely want to cuddle with the new family member, so be sure and pick a hypoallergenic breed if your child has allergies. Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, and Shih Tzu are just a few breeds that will not bother your child’s allergies.

Always buy from a trusted breeder or company; especially if you are purchasing a puppy. Anybody can breed dogs, but not everybody can produce healthy puppies. Make sure your breeder has kept the dog up to date on shots and that he or she has been properly nourished and cared for. You do not want to purchase an unhealthy dog that will cost you a lot in vet bills or possibly die soon due to poor breeding.

The Most Loveable Dogs for People With Allergies

A Few Breeds that are Great for Kids

There are a few dogs for kids that are better than the rest and we have provided a short list of the best breeds.

cocker spaniel for kids1. Cocker Spaniel – this is a medium sized dog with a large heart. These dogs are great with children of all ages. It is very unusual for a Cocker Spaniel to bite and many owners report that they have caught their children pulling on the dog’s ears or playing rough while the dog lies around passively.

poodle for kids 22. Poodle – these are incredibly smart dogs and will entertain children who want to teach their pet tricks. These dogs are hypoallergenic which is great for children who have pet allergies and typically the Poodle will wander off before nipping when annoyed though they have a lot of patience.

labrador for kids3. Labrador Retriever – these gentle giants are incredibly patient, loving, and loyal. They will alert the family if something appears to be wrong with the child and are not known to bite. This breed is also one of the most intelligent dog breeds that you can find so training him shouldn’t be a problem.


So regardless of your decision to purchase a dog for security, service, or fun, you can be sure that your children will benefit tremendously!

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