Dog Whose Back Legs Don’t Work Won’t Let Her Disability Slow Her Down

This is Bleu! This dog, whose back legs don’t work, cannot be stopped from having fun and living life to the fullest!

This adorable French Bulldog was diagnosed with a neurological condition three years ago. Her owner Katie Bower opted for a lifesaving surgery. Unfortunately, the damage to Bleu’s spinal cord made her unable to use her hind legs.

Dog Whose Back Legs Dont Work Wont Let Her Disability Slow Her Down

Photo: bleuthefrenchpig/Instagram

Refusing to give up on her pooch, Katie Bower, an oncology nurse by profession, though she had the right skills to take care of Bleu and give her the best like she could – she did and she continues to do so.

Since Bleu doesn’t bladder or bowel control, she wears diapers. Katie expresses her bladder to help her pee. She also changes the pooch’s diapers four to five times per day.

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Of course, fun will never stop for the happy pooch. The beautiful girl has a customizable cart from Walkin’ Wheels. With her wheels, the French Bulldog can go around, play outside, and enjoy amazing views!

Awww. What an amazing and inspiring little girl.

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