Dog Treats Made in USA vs Dog Treats Made in China

There is a huge controversy surrounding food products made in China. Many dogs were reported to have fallen sick and died after consuming dog food made in China. So caution is urged before buying any such China-made products. Rather, you should opt for dog food and dog treats made in the US.

Now, the truth is that not every product made in China is of low quality. You must know that 70% of world’s penicillin and 50% of aspirin are made in China. But it is hard for any pet owner to choose a Chinese dog food and treat for their furry friend, primarily due to the apprehension of poor quality.

I have to give you another bad news this time. It’s sad but it’s true. In the US, the laws about the origin on labeling are very weak. They don’t protect consumers as they should. Some people make a lot of money because of this, while some dogs suffer or even die. A product can be labeled as made in the US if it was “all or virtually all” made in that country. This means that you can never know the origin of the ingredients of food or dog treats made in the US. So, even if a product is labeled as produced in the country, you can’t be sure that the ingredients have been sourced from within the United States.

But the truth is that you can still trust products made in the US rather than those made in other countries. Please check the labels in the stores before buying, so that you do not have to regret later.

There are many companies producing food and dog treats in the US.

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We have a site where products are clearly marked if they are made in the country. It is Cherrybrook Premium Pet Products where you can find anything you might need for your dog, from dog treats made in the USA to any other product you might desire.

Dog Treats Made in the USA

In, you can find a section of products made in the USA. They sell safe products without any shipping cost. You can find some very good sales sometimes.

With these things being said about places where you can find food and dog treats made in the USA, let’s see some companies that claim to have products made in the country. You may want to buy from them, as we have not found any complaints about the quality.

  • Nylabone is a company that produces dog chews and treats made in the USA. They are a perfect alternative to rawhide, are all naturals, and have different flavors.
  • Pet T Bone produces some great chews for your dog, and they are all made in the USA. The most popular product is the pressed bone that your dog will enjoy a lot.
  • Red Barn is a company that sells made in USA products but read carefully the labels, because not all their products are made in our country.
  • Merrick is a company that produces great dog treats, and they are all made in the USA. They are more expensive than others, but it is worth buying them.

It is important to consider different options when you choose food and treats for your dog.

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