Dog Travels 386 Kilometers On His Own To Return To His Original Owners

We all know that dogs are smart but stories like this one emphasize just how smart they truly are.

A dog in Wales traveled an astonishing 386 kilometers on his own to return to his original owners.

Pero, a Sheepdog, made an incredible 386-kilometer journey back to his owner after he was given to a farm owner for a trial.

At the beginning of March, Pero was taken by farmer Alan James to his new potential home in Cockermouth, Cumbria– hundreds of kilometers away from their home in Penrhyncoch, Wales.

On April 8, James received a phone call from Pero’s new owner saying the 4-year-old pooch had gone missing while herding sheep.

Twelve days later, James could not believe his eyes when he opened the front door. He found the missing sheepdog on his doorstep.

Mail Online

Mail Online

The homesick pooch had miraculously found his way home.

“It was amazing but we have no idea how Pero did it,” James said. “He must have a Sat-Nav in his brain.A sheepdog can go all day and cover a lot of ground. But it is a mystery how he found his way here.”

James and his wife, Shan, were so taken aback by the dog’s loyalty that they decided to keep him for good.

“He was very excited to be back both with the family and the other dogs,” Shan said. “We have a lot of dogs and a friend knew the farmer in Cockermouth was looking for a dog that could round sheep and follow a quad bike.”

Wales Online

Wales Online

She believes the black and white sheepdog must have somehow persuaded some kind-hearted people to feed him on his way home, as he didn’t appear to be malnourished.

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“When he came back, he wasn’t hungry or weak, so he must have managed to find food somewhere,” she added. “He must have stopped in places along the way. We would love to know if anyone along the route saw a mystery black and white sheepdog. It is an amazing adventure – and we are very happy to have him home with us on the farm.”


Source: Wales Online

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