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Rotten Teeth in Dogs: Effects and Treatment

Be it a man or a dog, toothache is an issue for all, and it can be very painful. Rotten teeth in dogs not only cause discomfort but also lead to severe health complications. For this reason, knowing the signs, effects, and proper treatment of rotten teeth is …

Is Your Puppy Teething? Tips To Help Your Teething Puppy!

Is your puppy teething? A young teething puppy may be cute and adorable but his urge to chew on and destroy things can be a pretty frustrating activity for you. You do not want him to destroy your valuables, right?   A puppy’s teething phase usually begins around 16 …

Tiny Dog Enjoys Having His Teeth Flossed!

This tiny dog enjoys having his teeth flossed! He’s so cute! The pup and his owner take oral health very seriously. While most dogs hate having their teeth cleaned, this adorable white pooch is quite the exception. The little pup happily lets his owner floss his teeth from …

Daily Dog Teeth Cleaning Can Prevent a Lot Of Serious Problems

There is an old saying claiming that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a man’s mouth. It is not a good sight for dog owners to find plaque and tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth, which can bring gingivitis. When we talk about taking care of your dog’s teeth, …

Best Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Bad Breath

Bad Breath is very unhygienic to both humans and animals. This not only results in the loss of personal hygiene but also makes the other resent one’s presence. Dogs are no exception. Bad breath is a common condition that can be treated quickly if necessary health and hygiene …


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