What You Need To Know About Dog Sitting Rates

Dog sitting is a profession that has been catching up with the younger generation recently as this is considered as a good way to make money. The traditional practice was to lock dogs inside a kennel when the owners would go out for work. However, research reveals that dogs left to roam freely inside the house behave in a better way than those locked in the kennel. Hence, owners have started looking for dog sitters so that their pets can be properly taken care of.

The rates that these dog sitters charge vary according to the location, the number of hours needed and the breed of the dog. Owners should first enquire the average dog sitting rates in their area before hiring one. Dog sitting rates can be higher if you love in a big cosmopolitan city. In the United States, dog sitters charge anywhere between 10 and 20 dollars for one visit.

Dog Sitting Charges

Dog sitting rates can also vary depending on the type of services that the dog sitter provides. The number of pets to be taken care of, type of pets, combining household work along with pet care, walking the dog,  spending a night with a sick dog, driving the pet to the doctor and attending to the injuries of the dog are some of the additional services that a dog sitter can provide.

The rates for these dog sitting services vary depending on the type of service. Dog sitters charge around $15 for walking the dog for 30 minutes. Spending the night with a sick dog costs a whopping $60 for one night. A drive to the doctor may cost around $25 for one hour. It is the number of hours that a dog sitter works for you that determines the rates, because most dog sitters charge by the hour.

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Dog sitters deserve a higher payment for any services delivered during the holiday period, which may be the New Year, Christmas, or Easter. As a pet owner, you should do a detailed study to learn about dog sitting charges in your area before proceeding with hiring one. It is important to have a basic idea of the rates to avoid being exploited by dog sitters. The owner must be doubly sure about the quality and integrity of the dog sitter while hiring.

Unprofessional Dog Sitters

Some dog sitters offer attractive discounted rates and try to lure owners into hiring them. These dog sitters might not be professionals and the pet might not be taken care of well. Hence if the owner’s priority is the pet’s safety and well-being, then he must not compromise on money and should be ready to pay premium charges for dog sitters.  Some experts recommend that the owners do a background check on the dog sitters before hiring them, because that can give a picture about their integrity and past records, if any.

You should always look for a trustworthy dog care professional, who will care for your pet, giving you peace of mind that your furry friend is in safe hands while you are away.

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