Dog Research Reveals The Science Behind Finding The Perfect Pooping Spot

New dog research shows that dogs align with the magnetic field while relieving themselves – pooping and urinating. The study was published in the science journal Frontiers in Zoology.

Who would have thought? There is actually some science behind all that circling and sniffing your dog does to find the perfect pooping spot.

Scientists studied seventy dogs for a period of two years and discovered that there is a good scientific reason for the position a dog finally settles on to do their business. Dogs position themselves along Earth’s magnetic field.

Dog Research Reveals The Science Behind Finding The Perfect Pooping Spot

Next time your pooch is taking forever to find just the right spot, at least you’ll know why. They have an internal compass and prefer to be aligned when doing their business.

The research team spent their time measuring the direction of the body axis of the dogs as they pooped. For the record, they counted a total of 1 893 poops and 5 582 pees. Diverse dog breeds were included in the study, including Beagles, Dachshunds, Fox Terriers, and a lot more.

It seems that dogs prefer to potty with their body aligned to the north-south axis. This is a first and proves that magnetic sensitivity exists in canines.

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When the magnetic field become unstable, like during a magnetic storm, a pattern isn’t as easy to see.

This sensitivity was a reasonable expectation, the study says, given the “extraordinary homing abilities” of dogs and their close relation to red foxes, coyotes and grey wolves.

The biologists say the study is important as researchers continue to uncover more about magnetoreception, the internal compass inside living organisms.

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Image: Jenny Ricken

Article source Frontiers in Zoology

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