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This Pregnant Dog Looks Absolutely Beautiful In Her Maternity Shoot

Meet Lilica! The then-pregnant dog was an awesome model in a maternity shoot! And she looked absolutely beautiful. Lilica is truly a beauty and she knows it! Everybody knows it – even her photographer-neighbor knows it. When Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo saw the 4-year-old Miniature Pinscher mix …

Various Emotions of Wet Dogs Caught On Cam

Check out these cool photos of wet dogs! We loved dogs for their amazing ability to socialize with us. They have bonded with us so much we have seen so much likeness in their social patterns and emotions. Sophie Gamand, the French photographer behind Flower Power(a photo series …

Dog Buns Trend As Latest Canine Hairstyle! Man Buns Are Out!

Guess what trendy canines are sporting lately? You got it – dog buns! While men buns are on the way out, not so for dog buns! They’re the latest trend on Instagram. So what is a dog bun? You guessed it – it’s a dog’s hair styled in …

Jimmy Choo The Bull Terrier Conquers The World

Meet Jimmy Choo! Nope, not the shoe designer, but a popular figure as well — on the internet at least! Jimmy Choo the Bull Terrier and his owner, Rafael Mantesso, takes him into great adventures where no other dog has gone before! Rafael Mantesso takes Jimmy Choo on to an …


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