Dog Leash Training: Teach Your Dog To Walk on A Leash

One thing you must know about dog training is that there aren’t any quick methods to get results. Same is the case with dog leash training. Many dogs don’t like the leash at the very beginning. After a while, they will get used to it, as if they don’t have any other option.
 Dog Leash Training

The best moment for dog leash training is when your dog is just a puppy. Actually, any training will be done better as long as you train a puppy. Puppies learn faster, and what they learn now is learned for their entire life.

The hardest step in dog leash training can be to teach your dog not to pull on a leash. This can be a real challenge, but you surely can manage. Your dog is a fast animal. He is very curious too.

When you take him outside for walks, he might pull you with the leash to satisfy his curiosity, but things don’t have to happen like this. You must be the handler and you need to take the dog wherever you want him to go. Does it sound fair enough? Of course, it does.

You must know that there are several methods that can help you. If the first one or two doesn’t work, don’t worry! Not all the methods work for all dogs. You just need to find the appropriate method that works for you.

You must work on the dog leash training every day until you receive your dog’s feedback. So you should consider every single walk as a training session. Your dog will follow you, and if he sees that during some walks, you don’t follow the rules that you established other times, he will understand that it is possible to break the rules. Once your dog gets into this habit, it will be hard to break it. It is important to be persistent in your expectations toward dog leash training.

Clicker Training: An Excellent Puppy Training Option

Remember: any dog training requires rewards. Don’t forget them this time. All forms of rewards will work here – either applaud your furry friend with words of appreciation or reward them with a treat they cherish the most. They prefer something tangible and concrete. That’s why this time you should reward your pet with some dog training treats that they don’t usually get. The best treats are soft treats so that your dog can eat them fast and continue with the training.

One very important aspect of leash training is that you can’t expect your dog to control himself while walking. He must start with self-control training before stepping out of the door. If your dog will jump around, bark, and whine while you are getting ready for the walk, stop every single action, ask him to calm down and continue with the preparation only if he is obedient. This way he will understand that he will have to obey your rules inside and outside the house.

Was it hard when your first trained a dog to walk on a leash?


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