Dog Joint Problems: How To Avoid Them!

Even more than humans, dogs can develop joint problems. And dog joint problems go deeper than simply hurting a knee. In fact, some of the causes of joint problems are things many people never really think about. And if your dog’s health is in tip top shape, you may be able to totally avoid joint problems.

Dog Joint Problems

Preventing obesity in dogs

One of the leading causes of joint problems in dogs is obesity. This is because every extra pound puts more stress on your dog’s joints. Plus, since overweight dogs don’t generally get enough exercise, their muscles aren’t strong enough to deal with the extra weight.

One of the best ways to prevent your dog from becoming obese is to put them on a raw food diet. Raw food diets consist of raw meat and vegetables. And while you have to prepare them on your own, it’s totally worth it. If you simply don’t have time to prepare a raw food diet, we recommend going with super premium quality dog food. Anything lower in quality than super premium may contain heavily processed ingredients.

Exercising your dog

It’s very important to keep your dog physically active. Think of it this way, if you were to just lie in bed for a few days, you’d have trouble moving once you got up. Dogs lay around a lot. That’s one of the reasons why exercise is so important.

You won’t have too much trouble exercising your dog though because most canines absolutely love to go for walks in the fresh air. In fact some get pretty hyper.

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Choose your dog treats wisely

Many of the dog treats you find at the store are high in calories and contain overly processed ingredients that can contribute to joint problems. To avoid these problems we recommend using only natural treats like tripe, dehydrated liver, salmon or chicken. Natural treats may be a bit more expensive than conventional ones. But if you keep them small, you’ll cut down on both the expense and the calories.

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