Dog House Training Made Easy – Simple Steps to House Train Any Dog

You have made a very important decision for your life when you choose to take a puppy to your house. Why do I say that? Because a dog will change your life completely. He will bring a lot of joy and fun in your everyday life, but he will bring some responsibilities for you.



In order to feel happy and satisfied with this decision, the first thing you should choose to do is dog house training.

You might say that you are not a trainer, you have no qualifications, and you don’t know how to do that. Don’t worry! Dog house training doesn’t need any qualifications; all you have to do is follow some simple rules.

Remember that your dog has some natural instincts that he was born with. As long as he gets no training, he will continue to do things his own way. So, it’s not his fault that he pees and poos all over your house, he can’t make a difference of the places where it is fine to eliminate and where it isn’t. That’s why, you must train him to learn about these places and to use them properly.

The first step in your dog house training is to restrict the area where your dog eliminates. The proper place in a house is your dog’s cage or crate. Dogs don’t like to eliminate in the places where they spend time. So it is a good idea to choose a big cage or crate so that there is enough space for your furry friend to lay down and to turn around. Or you can find another place in your house where he can eliminate, such as a corner, a separate place, wherever you deem it appropriate.

How and When to Start With Dog Agility Training

After choosing the right place, you need to start with dog house training. Some dogs can be easily distracted, that’s why, pay attention, when you train your dog, have him focused on you. If he is not an obedient dog, you could use a leash at the beginning. He will feel that there is no other option than to obey you. You will have huge success if you try out this method, but never use the leash without words. You won’t use the leash forever. That’s why, in the near future, your dog will have to understand your words when you tell him where to go and what to do.

What is most important when you want to prevent accidents is to find the most appropriate time when your dog wants to eliminate. This usually happens early in the morning when he wakes up, before a nap, in about half an hour after his meal, or before going to bed. Your dog will give you some signs that he needs to eliminate. It will be easy to read those signs because you will see that your dog suddenly stops himself from doing an activity or a special look on his face.

Was it hard the first time when you had to deal with dog house training?

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