Dog Food Storage Options For Dry, Canned and Raw Food

It’s always handy to have dog food storage containers to store your pet’s food, especially if you plan to buy kibble in bulk.

Dog food storage containers are specially designed to keep your pooch’s food fresh and moisture free. When food isn’t stored properly, it may get spoilt or stale easily, eventually losing its nutritional value. In that case, you would not want to feed such spoilt food to your pet. Additionally, your canine may be less interested in stale food if it changes flavor or texture.

Food storage containers keep bacteria and pests away. Pests, such as bugs or rodents, can wreak havoc with food in your pantry. With a durable food storage container handy, you need not worry about critters chewing through food bags and spoiling dog food.

Airtight containers will keep moisture and bacteria away from pet food. So with food stored safely in these containers, you can ensure a healthy life for your dog, preventing him from harmful bacteria.

Dry Dog Food Storage

Your dog’s dry dog food should be stored in a dry and cool environment under 100F degrees (38C degrees) to prevent the oxidation of fats and destruction of vitamins. The best dry dog food storage is the original bag, which is specially made for this purpose.

If you don’t do so, the food might degrade faster than you would imagine. Not only this, stale food quickly loses vitamins and nutritional benefits.

  • You should store raw dog food in the refrigerator.
  • Pack it in a covered plastic bowl or container or even zip lock bags.
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This will help prevent the growth of microbes and bacteria in your dog’s food.

The best way to store dog food is to portion it in containers for one serving, because it will be easier for you to handle the same.

Make sure the temperature of raw dog food storage is not higher than 40F degrees; else, bacteria and mold spores will grow, which will make food unhygienic for your pooch. Such food may cause digestion problems for your dog.

Canned Food Storage

Once canned dog food has been opened, always store it in the refrigerator. You’d better move it from the can into a covered plastic container to prevent spreading the dog’s food smell in your fridge.

Keeping it closed will help retain the moisture in food. Zipped bags aren’t a good option for canned food, as they aren’t a barrier for smell. You can only store the dog’s canned food only for 5 to 7 days.

Is it important how and where you store your dog’s food? Yes, it is. A good food is the best thing you can provide your dog for a normal developing from any point of view. Be careful with it and take a lot of precaution how you feed your dog. His life, health and happiness depend on you!

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