Dog Food Storage Options For Dry, Canned and Raw Food

You don’t have enough time to go shopping every day, and even if you do have the time, you prefer to use it for something else. This is my situation too. I love shopping, but from time to time. I usually go shopping for the food once a week or every two weeks. And it proved to be a good choice.

Because of this reason I need to be very attentive when i storage everything that I buy. You might not be interested about my food storage, but I think you want to know about the dog food storage that I use. It is very important to keep your dog’s food in a good place, so that it stays fresh quite a long period after opening it. What you should know about the places that you can use as dog food storage is that it has to be in a cool dry place, even when we talk about dry dog food, raw dog food or canned dog food. We will take each one of these and discuss it one at a time.

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Your dog’s dry dog food should be stored in a dry and cool environment, under 100F degrees (38C degrees) because this way the oxidation of fats and destruction of vitamins is prevented. The best dry dog food storage is the original bag because it is specially made for this purpose. If you don’t do so, the food might degrade faster than you can imagine, and also the vitamins contained in your dog’s food will be lost.

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The raw dog food should be stored in the refrigerator. Put it in a covered plastic bowl or container, but you can also use zipped bags. This way you will prevent the growth of the microbes and the bacteria in your dog’s food. The best way is to portion your dog food in containers for one serving, because it will be easier for you to handle them. The temperature of raw dog food storage should be no higher than 40F degrees, otherwise bacteria will grow and you will have to throw the food away because you don’t want to cause digestion problems to your dog.

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The canned dog food should be stored in the fridge after opening. You’d better move it from the can into a covered plastic container because this way you can prevent the spreading of your dog’s food smell in your fridge. Keeping it closed also helps to retain moisture. Here zipped bags aren’t recommended because they aren’t a barrier for the smell. Even stored the right way, you can only store your dog’s canned food for 5 to 7 days. After this period I wouldn’t assume the risk to feed him the opened canned food.

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Is it important how and where you store your dog’s food? Yes, it is. A good food is the best thing you can provide your dog for a normal developing from any point of view. Be careful with it and take a lot of precaution how you feed your dog. His life, health and happiness depends on you!

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