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5 Dog Senses And The Amazing Sixth Sense: How Dogs Experience Life

Just like humans, dogs too have a multitude of senses – smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste. Both use their senses to perceive and respond to stimuli originated from the environment. However, human and dog senses differ from each other in the way they are used. Dogs rely heavily …

Do Dogs Recognize Faces? New Dog Research Says Yes!

Do dogs recognize faces? New dog research says “Yes!” We all know dogs mainly rely on their noses but have you ever wondered if your dog can recognize faces as well? Like humans, dogs are social animals who live in groups so it is important to be able to …

Pets Need TV When Home Alone

According to a TV program, Dogs: Their Secret Lives, five million dogs in the UK are at home alone for longer than three hours a day. The C4 show that started airing on October 14th looks into the behavior of our dogs when they are left on their …

Dog Research Study Shows That Dogs See In Various Colors

Dog research has dispelled the myth once and for all that dogs only see in black and white. The study has proved that dogs see in various colors. An experiment in Russia on eight dog breeds has proved that dogs look at the world in blue, yellow and many shades in …


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