Dog Diarrhea Treatment in 5 Simple Steps

Unfortunately, diarrhea is a widely common medical condition among pets. Dogs have a tendency to get into things that they shouldn’t. Although dogs have a relatively short digestive tract that makes their stomachs appear hard, there are many everyday food items that can upset your furry friend’s stomach. Here is a brief guide on dog diarrhea treatment and some of the foods that can cause it.

Foods to Avoid Giving to Your Dog

You should avoid giving your dog table scraps of any kind. Beef, pork, chicken with skin and seasonings, fish, fat, low-quality dog food, and gravies tend to cause diarrhea in dogs. These should be avoided at all costs. If possible, try to feed your dog a high-quality food item that does not have a lot of corn or grain, as this can irritate your dog’s stomach.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment

If there is blood present in your dog’s stool, you should seek professional medical attention immediately, because this could be a sign of something seriously wrong. Diarrhea that is gummy in appearance, black and tarry, or has an incredibly foul smell (worse than what it should smell like), you should seek professional medical attention. Below, we have listed some remedies to help your dog with simple cases of diarrhea.

  1. Do not serve anything to your dog for at least 24 hours. This gives your dog’s intestines a chance to rest. If you give your dog foods when his or her stomach is already upset, you increase the chances of upsetting it more.
  2. Offer your dog plenty of fluids. The more water your dog ingests, the better. This helps flush your dog’s system and keep him or her hydrated. Diarrhea can cause your dog to lose pressure fluids, dehydrating him or her quickly, so it is important to encourage your dog to drink as much water as possible.
  3. NEVER give your dog Pepto! It is not easy for your dog to digest and will upset his or her stomach more. Instead, you can offer Pedialyte in small doses. Dilute it with your dog’s water. The flavoring will encourage your dog to drink water and Pedialyte is designed to keep the body hydrated, so it is excellent for your dog if you do not have any electrolyte dog drinks on hand.
  4. Add a low-salt bouillon cube to your dog’s water as well to stimulate his or her thirst. Allow it to fully dissolve before offering it to your pooch. The whole point of the cube is to flavor the water so that your dog will want to drink it.
  5. Offer your dog foods that are easily digested and low in salt and fat after a gap of 24 hours. Boiled chicken, with skin removed, white rice, and soft boiled eggs are excellent starter foods. These are incredibly appealing to your dog and easy on their stomach.
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If your dog contracts diarrhea, it is always recommended to take him or her to the vet; especially if it persists for longer than 24 hours, has a really strong smell, is black, tarry, and bloody, or contains mucus.

If you cannot take your dog to the vet or if you choose to wait for 24 hours, make sure he remains hydrated. Even if you have to take a medicine dropper and manually give your dog fluids, you want to make sure he stays hydrated since their body is rapidly losing fluid.



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