The Pekingese was originally developed to be a companion for the imperial family in China and it is the result of hundreds of years of development. The average height of a Pekingese is 6 inches to 9 inches weighing about 7 to 14 pounds. They have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.


The Pekingese is an ancient toy breed that has been bred for hundreds of years to be the perfect family companion. Besides the fact that he is one of the best companions that you can find he is also an excellent watchdog. He is very intelligent, energetic, brave and loyal. The Pekingese loves all the energy demanding activities like fly-ball, Frisbee, running, swimming and many others. If he is left alone more than a few hours a day he can become bored and might become very loud and destructive. The Pekingese is a great watchdog because he is very reserved with strangers and will always let you know when a stranger is approaching your property. He is known to behave well when children are around but very small children should always be well supervised when they encounter any type of dog breed because they might have the tendency to tease and no dog will accept that. Obedience training and early socialization are very important in this case and can make a big difference if you want to have an obedient dog.

Pekingese Training:

The Pekingese can be a bit harder to train than other dog breeds but with a bit of perseveration you can accomplish this thing too. This dog breed can learn commands a bit slower than other dog breeds but once they learn something, they will never forget it so you shouldn’t be worried that you are wasting your time with his training.

Pekingese Shedding:

To be honest, the Pekingese is shedding a lot of hair. You cannot do anything to stop this but if you want to prevent having hair all over your home you should do proper brushing every day. Keep in mind that with a proper brushing you will rarely find hair on your couch, carpets and other places in your home.

Pekingese Grooming:

The Pekingese, like many other dog breeds, need daily exercise. Don’t worry, those needs can be met quite easy with simple walks or playing some fun games. His coat needs to be shaped two or three months and proper brushing should be done every now and then.

Pekingese History:

The Pekingese is the result of hundreds of years of development. This dog breed was specially developed to be the perfect companion for the Chinese royalty however nowadays he is very popular all around and it is considered to be one of the most popular toy breed.

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